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Read Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. The entire movie is a wink and a nod to adult moviegoers.

Fred Perry Pink Ellie Alvin and the Chipmunks The Pink Panther (20 pages)

Column 4 Our impact report: How Tech Is Changing Childhood.

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Kid reviews for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Common Sense says Fourth Chipmunks movie is silly, brand-filled as always. Based on our expert review.

Based on 15 reviews.

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Nad on 22 reviews. Parents say 15 Kids say Kid, 8 years old December 19, Helped me decide Had useful details Read my mind Teen, 13 years old Written by clawin December 28, Helped me decide 5.

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Had useful details 4. Read my mind 8. Kid, 10 years old December 21, OK This movie was Ok but the other one is better. Its really just OK. Helped me decide 6.

Sep 3, - Warning: The following story contains adult materials, including anal sex. If you are offended by any of this material then I strongly reccomend.

Read my mind 6. Teen, 16 years old Written by Shamurocks January 17, Not stellar, but great for families!

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There's nothing special here that we haven't seen before, but as always it is all handled very well. No language, alvin and the chipmunks sex comic a character says "crap". But there is a scene involving a man waking up after being drunk at a party, but the joke will go right over young kids heads.

William Salyers as The Invisible Man. Stewart Lawrence, the Wolfmandesperately wishes to die, but can only die by the hands of a lover.

Adolf Hitler wishes that Dr. Polidori kellita smith nackt him of his antisemitism - but instead, Hitler finds himself loving the Jews. Death comes for the mortal sons of Victor Frankenstein, chipmynks being annoyed by Frankenstein, Polidori and Elizabeth's immortality, but Victor only eggs Death on.


William Salyers as John Hancock. Ron Howard goes back in time in and attempts to kidnap a younger version of himself to transplant his current brain into. Mahatma Gandhi seeks rejuvenation from Victor, but ends up being turned into dex vampire. Andy Dick as Jesus Christ.

HEAT Chapter 1, an alvin and the chipmunks fanfic | FanFiction

Victor re-animates the long dead pop idol, Michael Jackson thirty years after his death to reunite with his adult son, Blanket Jackson. Doing this reawakens Victor's memories of his own father. Victor enters the Creature into the Scary Monster Contest, but highly doubts xlvin he will win.

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Victor enters the Monster Rally, a road race across time, in order to impress Elizabeth. Victor and Elizabeth switch roles to prove a point.

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Tired of movie theater disruptions, Victor hatches a plan with Joe to end vampires. Brittany knew that this would happen.

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She walked up to him and placed a paw on his shoulder. Alvin looked her in the eyes and asked.

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She didn't know who's they were,but she knew that she had to tell Alvin how she truly felt. Brittany looked back up at him and took a deep breath comlc then exhaled.

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Brittany just stood there sobbing uncontrollably. What has she done?

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How will she fix it? She was loving this, and suddenly, an idea formed in her mind chipmunke to how the next part could play out. Krusty the clown porn decided to ask Alvin and see if he was willing to try what came to her mind Brittany didn't even think about it once she heard Alvin say that.

She pushed back against his snout with every ounce of strength she could muster. Alvin was shocked when his nose was engulfed alvin and the chipmunks sex comic the smell of Brittany's shit as it sild into her rectum.

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Chipmunkss didn't take long before Alvin couldn't breathe as almost his entire face sunk into Brittany's bowels. Brittany moaned and said, alvin and the chipmunks sex comic you want to breathe then I suggest you start licking. Alvin obliged, sticking his tounge out and tasting her shit, he began to lick her clean. As he licked her asshole, Brittany began to move away from him, his face leaving her ass and allowing him to breathe.

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She then thrust back against his snout, making his face sink back into her butt. She began to do this in an even thrusting motion. Kenya womans acts free sex contacts xnxxv didn't take long for her to cum from using Alvin's face as a dildo for her asshole.

After her intense orgasm, she alvin and the chipmunks sex comic to the ground, face first, her butt raised for Alvin to do with as aex pleased. Alvin pulled his face out of her butthole and lined his dick up with her entrance. Then his head sunk into her tailhole. Brittany moaned as she felt Alvins cock enter her butthole for the second time in her life.

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He didn't even wait for her to get used to the feeling of it before he hilted himself into her. She moaned at the feeling of having his dick inside her butt. He began thrusting into her, and as he did, the feeling of pooping backwards returned to her. She loved the feeling though.

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She loved how Alvins dick felt like a terd that was trying to come out that her ass just kept sucking up. She wanted him to bury himself into her to the hilt and fill her bowels with his semen. chlpmunks

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She didn't have to wait long, her ass clenched on Alvin's dick chippmunks hard that he came into her bowels hard and fast, milking her butt with his seed in 10 bursts. He waited a minute before pulling himself out of her butthole, then asked her what she wanted to do next.

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Brittany thought for a minute, then said, "Well, how about this? We'll try some kinky role playing. She brought it back to where Alvin was sitting, looking confused, "You can be the doctor and I can be the patient, and this she held up the dildo can be your rectal thermometer.

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He wasn't about to say no! He took the dildo from her and said in a kinky voice, "Well maam, I'm doctor Seville, and I understand that you need your temperature taken. I'm alvin and the chipmunks sex comic I only have this rectal thermometer, so I'll have to ask you to bend over. She pushed as he stuck it in her ass, and it popped right back chupmunks as if she had just shit it out.

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I guess I'll have to punish you. Afterwards, Brittany looked back at him and said, "I have a new idea. She then turned and got close to him, and shoved her nose into his armpit and began to alvin and the chipmunks sex comic furiosly like there was ano tomorrow. Alvin's dick africanbooty hard as Brittany kept sniffing his pit. He couldn't believe that she would do something so disgusting! She stopped after a few minutes and said, "Now it's your turn to sniff me somewhere," she said as she winked and spread her legs wide indian mom big boobs, revealing her clit.

He leaned forward and began sniffing her pussy. He sniffed and sniffed at the beautiful clit in front of him until he decided to try to go further.

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