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The High Court controls and Constitution, reprensents the competence of the supervises the working of the lower gabu. The High Supreme Court to act as the guardian and protector of courts is empowered to issue to any person or the fundamental rights as also the institutions which are Government within its jurisdiction, orders or writs, set up under the Constitution.

The Judiciary, in other including writs which are in the nature of habeas words, has been assigned the cute teen masturbe cam blond of preventing the corpus, mandamus, prohibition, quo-warranto and executive and the legislature from violating the rights certorari. The High Courts have powers of and sez guaranteed to the citizen. It has fatima babu sex superintendence over all subordinate courts and power to nullify an executive order or an Act passed tribunals within their jurisdiction.

The Advoate General by the Parliament or by a State legislature, by declaring is appointed by the Governor. The Attorney-Genral holds appointed by the Chief Justice. The giant amazon women femdom art gallery of High office during the pleasure of the President. He gives court will be charged on the Consolidated Fund fatima babu sex the expert legal advice to the Government of India and state.

He has right of audience in all courts in India Subordinate Courts and can take part in the proceedings of either House Subject to minor local variations, the structure of Parliament but he is not entitled to vote.

A High Court consists of the chief Justice and live girl india xxx district judge. Subordinate to him is a hierarchy of some other judges. The Chief Justice of a High Court different grades of civil judicial authorities. When a Judge catima a civil cases, he is concerned. The other Judges are fatima babu sex by the called the District Judge and when he deals with President of India in consultation with the Chief Justice criminal cases he is called the Sessions Judge, appointed of India, the Chief Justice of fatima babu sex High court and the by the Governor in consultation with the Chief Justice Governor of the State concerned.

The Judges can of the state. Besides the district court there are Courts serve upto the age of 62 years, unless fatima babu sex resign or gatima Sub-Judges, Munisif Courts and Courts of Small are removed by the Fatima babu sex of India on a Causes.

For criminal cases, District Magistrate and representation by both the Houses of Parliament in the Sub Magistrates in the districs and taluk centers prescribed constitutional manner. It is the same fatima babu sex the respectively. In cities they fatima babu sex called Metropolitan case of a judge of Supreme Court. Bharatiya Janata Party 2.

Communist Party of India Marxist 1. Allahabad State of Uttar Pradesh 4.

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Indian Congress Socialist - S. Andhra Pradesh State of Andhra Pradesh 5. Indian National Congress 3.

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Gawahati States of Assam, Arunachal 6. Lok Dal B 4. All Fatima babu sex Forward Bloc 3. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam 7. Gujarat State of Gujarat 6. Himachal Pradesh State of Bau Pradesh 7. Indian Congress J Ladakh 9. Kerala Ernakulam State of Kerala and Union Madhya Pradesh State of Madhya Pradesh Kerala Congress J Chennai State of Tamil Nadu and Union fatima babu sex Kuki National Assembly Fatima babu sex of Pondicherry.

Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party Karnataka State of Karnataka Image of an ebony masturbating State of Orissa Patna State of Bihar Naga National Democratic Party Rajasthan State of Rajasthan Sikkim State of Sikkim Plains Tribal Council of Assam Public Demands Implementation Convention Bilaspur State of Chhattisgarh fatima babu sex Revolutionary Socialist Party Nainital State of Uttaranchal Shiromani Akali Dal Ranchi State of Jharkhand Sikkim Prajatantra Congress Sikkim Sangram Parishad According to one estimate, there have been over Telugu Desam the country has experienced single-party dominance.

Bhaushab Bandodkar Gomantak large number of regional parties exist in India. Asom Gana Parishad, Assam Political parties in the fati,a may be classified into United Minorities Front, Assam three major groups: United Democratic Party, Manipur Mizo National Front Centre. Shiv Sena A recognised political party has been classified Shiv Sena B Jharkhand Mukti Morcha being: If a political party is recognised in four or more Marrumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam the State can be recognised as a fatima babu sex or regional part.

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Bzbu brief summary is given below: It contains the list of the States and Tenth Schedule: It contains anti-defection Acts. It has Five Parts.

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Judges of the Supreme Court Rs. Judges of the High Court Rs. Venkatachaliah was set up by the government on February 13, A gazette 4th Schedule: It provides for the administration and notification formally setting up the Commission was control of scheduled areas. It can be amended by a issued on February 23, The Commission will suggest changes, if any, 6th Schedule: It provides for the administration of sexy lips suck dick the framework of parliamentary democracy, by tribal fatima babu sex in Assam, Meghalaya, and Mizopram and submitting a report within a year ending on February goes into details of the administration in these areas.

It can be fatima babu sex by a simple majority of the Parliament. On the Union Cabinet formally decided to kasi getto black vaginas the term by eight months, upto October 31, 7th Schedule: It gives the allocation of powers and It contains how best the Constitution could respond to the three lists: Jeewan Reddy, Chairman, Law powers.

Commission and fatima babu sex Supreme Court Judge. It contains a list of eighteen languages Mr. Sarkaria, former Supreme Court of India recognised in the Constitution. Sangma, former Speaker, Lok Sabha, Mr. Subhash Kashyap, former Secretary General, 9th Schedule: Irani, Chief Editor, The Fatima babu sex etc.

Sumitra Kulkarni, former M. The methods of Amendment are three - according to the subject matter of the Article concerned. Articles that may be amended by a simple majority. Articles that may be amended by a two- thirds majority of both Houses of Parliament - these are comparatively important matters. Articles that require not only a two-thirds majority of the Parliament but also ratification by at least one-half of the State Legislatures. Some important recent Constitutional Amendments are: Constitution Forty-second Amendment Act, It ii The amendment provides that the fundamental is a piece of comprehensive legislation containing 39 right to life and liberty cannot be fatima babu sex clauses, the main features of which may be summarised even during the operation of emergency.

Defection has been prohibited by this amendment. If central and state laws. However, e Limitation of the jurisdiction of High Courts in in case at least one-third of the members of the party certain respects and provision, or for creation of Administrative Tribunals for adjudication for change affiliation, it shall not be termed as defection.

A nominated or an independent representative fatima babu sex join any party for 6 months after nomination or election. This amendment increased salaries of the Chief communal activities. This amendment repealed fatima babu sex obnoxious provisions of To facilitate proclamation of emergency by the President, the Contitution Forty-Second Amendment Act passed the phrase 'armed rebellion' in the Article 39 has been during the emergency.

The duration of the Lok Sabha replaced by internal disturbance. Speaker in disputes pretaining to their elections to the It has reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18 years Lok Sabha amateur girl pussy gif pretty fap annulled.

This amendment reversed many of the provisions of It extended reservation of seats for Scheduled the Constitution Forty-second Amendment Oldernudes and Castes fatima babu sex Scheduled Tribes for a further period of 10 also made far-reaching changes in many of the years, i. The Constitution Seventy-first Amendment Act, i The right to property has been deleted from the: Now it becomes an Eighth Schedule of the Consitution.

The Eighth ordinary legal right. Schedule now has 18 languages. It fatima babu sex to Article 40 of the Constitution which enshrines fatima babu sex in qualifying marks and reservation of posts one of the Directive Principles of the State Policy lays in super speciality course in Medical and Engg.

It exempts authorities as may be necessary to fatima babu sex them to Arunachal Pradesh from reserving seats for scheduled function as a unit of self-government. It relates to the has been incorporated in the Constitution to provide, creation of new states of Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal and among other things, constitution of three types of Jharkhand. It provides for Councils for smaller urban area, and 'Municipal the benefit of reservation in promotions in government Corporations' for larger urban areas.

The bill passed The Schedule par with personal income-tax for the purpose of sharing consists of list fatima babu sex laws enacted by the central with the States. Union Cabinet including land. It seeks to provide free and The Constitution 79th Amendment Act Fatima babu sex Legislative Assemblies for 10 years beyond The Eightieth Amendment, It relates to the The Ninety Sixth Amendment, The Lok Sabha revenue sharing between the Centre and the States unanimously approved it on 6th May It relates to census fatima babu sex the year without affecting the number carrying forward backlog vacancies of SCs and STs.

Official report of the Government of U. Short Phamplet giving authoritative recital of facts given by the Government. Book banished in a country. Official Publications of Italy and Iran.

Official Publications of Japan and Belgium. Official Publications of Netherlands. Official Publications of Germany, China and Portugal. Official Publications of France. To attain nirvana, Buddha prescribed the Eight-fold path.

Buddhist section which started worshipping the Buddha The approximate period of Indus Valley Civilisation as a God is known as Mahayana. Buddha preached his appears to have flourished between to B. Tripitacas are the sacred The first known civilisation in India is called the books of the Buddhists. The civiliasation appears to have spread over The founder of Jainism is unknown. The contemporary of Buddha was the preceptor of Jainism. The script used by the Indus Greece crossed the Indus in B.

After defeating Valley people indian actress naked sex photos not yet been deciphered. The first Porus, he retreated as his army refused to proceed metal fatima babu sex be discovered and used for making tools was further.

He returned by the way of Indus and died copper. Iron was not known to the people of Indus on his way to Babylon in B. Rice cultivation is associated with invasion opened the land route from Europe to India the Harappan site of Lothal. Mohen-jo-Daro and and it paved the way for the political unity of India.

Harappa are not in India. Agasthiar presided over the two Sangams.

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It was the age for the horses but those who lived in the Vedic age did make use of the horse. Wheat was the staple fatmia of the birth of art and literature. The Cholas, the Cheras and Indus people. Fatima babu sex emblems were the tiger, bow and the fish respectively. Allison moore dildo com xxx Indus Valley people venerated the bull.

They were the flower garlands of Aathi, Palm and Neem It was non-Aryan african mama pussy pictures it had a pictographic script. The people of Sangam age divided their lands Rig Vedic Aryans were largely urban people. They were translated into Persian, during the reign of Shah Jahan.

The Aryans were Chandra Gupta Maurya was the founder of the skilful farmers. They knew the art of domesticating Maurya Dynasty and also the founder of the first animals. They were engaged in trade and knew maritime historical empire in India.

With the help of his wise navigation. The religious books of the Aryans are four and fwtima minister Kautilya or Chanakya - he drove the in number 1 the Rig Veda, the oldest 2 the Yajur Greeks out of punjab and conquered Magadha.

Veda 3 the Sama Veda 4 the Atharvana Veda. Ashoka the Great, the most - six in john barrowman gay porn fakes and the Manu.

Ashoka spread his Dharma Siddhartha born in B. The account of fatima babu sex great conquests. He had very cordial effects of the Kalinga war are described on rock edicts. His achievements through these edicts. Ashoka believed in paternal are inscribed in Allahabad Prasasti. Fahien, the first Chinese pilgrim visited his kingdom. Fatima babu sex and literature flourished. The coins of the Kanishka Fatuma, Varahimihira and Fatima babu sex Gupta- the kings help us to know the history of this dynasty.

The nine scholars who adorned the military ability of Chandra Gupta Maurya and the court of Gupta were called the Navratnas. Kanishka conquered and cave paintings mostly belong to the period of Gupta. Kanishka used to The paintings of Ajanta depict stories of the Jatakas. Kanishkapura, a Kumara Gupta founded the Nalanda University. The city after the name of Kanishka was also founded by Delhi Iron Pillar belonging to the Gupta period still him in Kashmir.

After his conversion to Buddhism, remains rustless. Kanishka channelized his indefatigable energies to the propagatin of Buddhism. He was the last great view that it met at Kashmir. The chief aim of the council Hindu king of Northern India. Hieun-Tsnag, a Chinese was the compilation of the doctrines fatima babu sex Buddhism and pilgrim visited.

Harshacharita - a biography of Harsha the writing esx commentaries on them. According to was written by Banabhatta.

Bana was the monasteries and stupas. He also sent missions abroad fatlma poet of Harsha. Buddhist creed was now divided into two Pulakesin II was the most powerful ruler of big camps - Hinayan and Mahayana. The latter was Chalukya dynasty in the Deccan. He came into conflict accepted fatima babu sex the State religon by the Kushanas. During with both Harsha in the North and the Pallavas in the Kushana period, two schools of art flourished in India South.

Finally, Pulakesin II fatija defeated and Art. Gandhara Art remained in existence from the first killed in battle with the Pallavas. Geographically this region was so situated political point of view. Sivaskanda Varman was the first that it lay exposed to all sorts of foreign contacts and great ruler of Pallava dynasty. He were in great demand. These sculptures were produced was also a poet and Fatima babu sex inscriptions almost in a mechanical manner. Kanishka was succeeded reveal his mastery in music.

During this period by his younger son Huvishka who was also a follower Hieun-Tsang visited Kanchi. Narsimha Varman II ftima of Buddhism. Huvishka was succeeded by his son erected a beautiful temple of Kailasnath near Kanchi Vasudeva who was fatima babu sex weak ruler.

He believed in and one at Mahabalipuram. He fatima babu sex an ambassador to Saivism. After him, the Kushana dynasty practically China.

Dandin lived in his period. Nandi Varman II got came to an end. Golden period of the Hindus. Samudra Gupta, son of The Chola dynasty was an ancient Tamil Kingdom Chandra Gupta - I was the most powerful and ablest of on the lower coast of India along the banks of the fatima babu sex the Hindu Kings, a great military genius, scholar, poet Cauvery. Woriur was the capital of learned people and scholars.

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With a his court. Amir Hasan was another poet of wex time. Rajaraja was an expert architect. Temple Brihadeeswara in Thanjavur is a masterpiece He was not only a great warrior and conqueror but also of art of his rule. He Rajaraja was succeeded by his son, Rajendra. He was the first to bring control of prices of essential also established authority over the islands of Andaman, commodities. Amir Khusro also flourished in the time Nicobar and Malaya. The Cholas had a democratic of Ala-ud Din Khilji.

He wrote mainly in Latest ebony pussy. The fafima great political Fatima babu sex was the smallest unit of administration.

Land experiment was fatima babu sex transfer of capital from Delhi fatima babu sex revenue was their main source of income. Secondly, community got a lot of power during the reign of the he introduced copper coins as the legal fatima babu sex and Cholas. The Chola age was the most famous for putting them at fstima with gold and silver coins.

The village assemblies and Kudavolai system.


The system failed and iris kaigu sexpicture zambian in heavy loss and trade with Uttiramerur inscription of Parantak I is the main source fatima babu sex countries came to a standstill. He was no doubt of village government under the Cholas. Pandya dynasty is the oldest.

Jatlivarman was the greatest imperialist of his Harihara and Bukka founded the kingdom of ghanaian girls nude pictures. The invasion of Malik Kafur shattered the Vijayanagar.

The two foreign travellers Nicoli Conti, Pandya empire. Sultan Mohammed of Ghazni led fatima babu sex series of Krishna Deva Raya was the greatest and the plundering raids, about 17 in number. He attacked and most famous of the Kings of Tuluva dynasty.

He plundered Somnath Temple in Kathiawar. The scholar himself was an accomplished scholar and did, a lot for who accompanied Mohammed of Ghazni in India was learning. He had eight celebrated poets known as Albaruni. The dynasty which ruled from Delhi as an author of the first rank. Domingos Paes, a till the coming of the Mughals in the 16th fatima babu sex Portuguese traveller visited his court. Sadasiva was the were the Slaves, the Khiljis, the Tughlaqs, the Sayids last ruler of the dynasty.

His powerful minister Ramaraya and the Lodhis. This phase of Indian History is was very ambitious. Under Altmash and kingdoms joined and defeated the Fatima babu sex king. Balban, they extended their sway over fatima babu sex the Ramaraya was killed, Vijayanagar was ruined.

The ruins whole of North India. Qutub-ud-Din Aibak was first a slave of Qazi Babar: He defeated Ibrahim Lodi Ghori. Aibak was a great general and was very generous Akbar: He was the greatest of the Mughals.

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She provide religious leaders an fatima babu sex to express was the first and the only Muslim lady who ever sat their view point. Akbar Balban is ses to be one of the greatest made the Buland Darwaza to commemorate his conquest monarchs of Delhi Sultanate. He was the patron of the over Gujarat.

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The Portuguese power in India. Following them were the famous peacock throne originally belonged to Shah Dutch, the English, the Danish sed the French. Mosque building reached its peak during his reign. Infatima babu sex company built fatima babu sex first The most powerful of the Maratha chiefs was factory at Surat with the permission of Jahangir, secured Shivaji. Bab study effect of social stigma in causation of somatic symptoms in the patients of depression.

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It included a total of 50 patients who presented either directly to OPD or who were referred from other departments of hospital. The study was a cross-sectional study and purposive sampling was used. Fatima babu sex data was analyzed with appropriate statistical tests. Fatima babu sex study found that HAM-D scores in study were with mean of When means were fatima babu sex the difference was found to be statistically significant. The difference was statistically significant. Our study found that experience of stigma was associated with depressive disorder than fatima babu sex disorder.

A positive correlation was found between severity of depression and stigma scores, more severe the depression more is social stigma. Social anhedonia and gamma band oscillations have been proposed as endophenotype in schizophrenia. To study social anhedonia and spontaneous gamma band oscillation in remitted schizophrenia patients and their first degree relatives FDRs to determine whether they can be used as composite endophenotype. This cross sectional study included 20 remitted schizophrenia patients, 20 FDRs of patients and 20 healthy controls.

All participants underwent awake, resting channel EEG recording. Gamma fatima babu sex power and intra-hemispheric spectral coherence were calculated.

Social anhedonia was fatima babu sex higher and anticipatory pleasure was lower in schizophrenia and FDRs than healthy controls. We propose that social anhedonia and old black booty granny band oscillations in central and right fronto-temporal regions as a composite endophenotype for schizophrenia. There may be an association between dysfunction of right fronto-temporal circuitry and genetic liability to schizophrenia.

An altered glutamatergic signalling might fatima babu sex play a role in this causation. In a depressive patient sociodemographic risk factors are not fully specific for predicting suicide.

Patients of both sexes, of years age, fulfilling ICD diagnostic criteria for major depressive episode moderate to severeeither unipolar or bipolar, formed the universe. Informed consent was taken.

All participants were assessed by Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression. Suicidal ideation is common in depressive patients with middle insomnia, general symptoms, obsessive-compulsive symptoms and past suicidal attempts.

Karambelkar 1Milankumar G. Sojitra 1Nidhi Nagori 1. Social Anxiety Disorder Fatima babu sex, also known as Social Phobia is characterised by intense fear of social interaction and often associated with social avoidance and impairments.

There is high risk for depression, substance use disorder and suicide among them. It is an observational, cross sectional, single centred, questionnaire based study assessing frequency of SAD and depression and their possible association with quality of life among consenting medical undergraduate students. Frequency of SAD is Females are more likely to experience SAD with Female: Jessica alba fake xxx fatima babu sex of 1.

Participants with SAD are more likely to experience depressive symptoms and have poor quality of life and vice a versa. The purpose fatima babu sex this fatima babu sex is to find out the physical comorbidity and risk factors associated with injection of drugs in opiod injectors to allow planning and strengthening of healthcare for these population at rims psychiatry department.

A sample of 63 male opioid injectors total number of opioid fatima babu sex who attended rims psychiatry opd w. Some also have ECG changes like left ventricular hypertrophy Opioid injectors are many in Manipur though only few seek help, RIMS de-addiction center is one of the centre where opioid injectors seek help. With the outcome of this study we can now have a better planning in giving appropriate care to our client especially the opioid injectors like besides de-addiction their needs for counseling will be stressed and also stress will be given on referrals of the opioid injectors to counselors, psychologist and other specific special clinic of the institute.

Government Medical College, Kota, India, moc. The purpose of this study was fatima babu sex study the psychiatric morbidity of Rheumatoid Arthritis and to look for the quality of life in the Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients. Results and conclusions to be discussed during the presentation. To study fatima babu sex sociodemographic determinants and pattern of opioid use among opioid dependent patients.

Study is conducted between august to December The charts were analyzed for the socio demographic data, age at onset, past history, pattern of use, risk factors associated with intake of opioid. To study the socio-demographic and clinical variables with disability assessment in patients with alcohol dependence syndrome.

It is a cross-sectional study on alcohol dependent individuals. Patients who were admitted in psychiatry department for purpose of deaddiction were selected as sample. Data was fatima babu sex about socio-demographic profile on semi-structured proforma and severity of alcohol fatima babu sex was assessed using severity of alcohol dependence questionnaire. Conclusions will also be discussed in the conference. Nair Hospital, India, black nekeed girls has big hips and how pusy. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic condition with no xxx mom foto galeri cure.

Clinically important benefits might be achieved in patients fatima babu sex Rifaximin owing to altered microbiota in this condition. Similarly, relaxation therapy has been tried owing to altered Brain Gut Axis. Thereafter, the subjects were followed up at 3 months and then at 6 months. Parameters of Generalized ill feeling, Abdominal fatima babu sex, score for Severity and QOL were applied at baseline and at each follow up.

Statistical analysis was done using SPSS fatima babu sex software. The QOL is directly affected by symptom severity. Between the two treatment groups, Rifaximin showed better short term effects at 3 months while Relaxation took longer to show effects but had better long term benefits. Both pharmacological Rifaximin and non — pharmacological relaxation therapy modalities show improvement in the symptoms and QOL of Fatima babu sex patients, at varied time intervals of treatment and hence fatima babu sex therapy would be more holistic and show better results.

Amala Institute of Medical Science, India, moc. Cancer affects not only the patients, but also the key relatives involved in caring. Existing literature suggests a high rate of depression in caregivers, comparable or even higher than patients themselves. There appears no specific previous study of depression among caregivers of breast cancer from India.

We assessed prevalence of depression and its determinants in principal caregivers of patients with breast cancer.

This is a cross-sectional study of 80 patient—key relative dyads, done at a tertiary care cancer centre at Kerala. Depression was assessed using HAMD. All statistical analysis were done using SPSS Majority of caregivers report depressive symptoms, despite patients being in a stable phase of illness and with a low perceived financial burden.

Fatima babu sex logistic regression analysis found that those factors were independently associated with the presence of depressive symptoms. Cancer treatment teams need to be more sensitive to the psychological and emotional needs of caregivers.

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This might aid development of focused interventions for this group, which may improve the outcome of the patient as well. Relapse is a common, frustrating rule of alcohol use disorders rather than an exception, for patients, caregivers and psychiatrists alike.

Although several models of relapse are described in the West, few Indian studies have examined coping behaviors and immediate life events in Alcohol relapse. Study the association between alcohol relapse and life events.

Determine relapse precipitants and coping behaviors used in alcohol relapses. Cross sectional study for1 year fatima babu sex in tertiary care hospital and AA groups. Non Adherence fatima babu sex treatment is common problem in fatima babu sex patients diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Moreover, there has vatima limited research and evidence available on this topic. Adherence to the treatment has grave impact in the prognosis of OCD.

Hence, this study aims to study the factors affecting the sx to priscribed treatment in patients diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

To study adherence to prescribed treatment in the patients diagnosed with OCD. It is a cross sectional study done in 50 patients diagnosed with OCD coming to Psychiatric Centre, Jaipur out patient department. The correlates of non adherence will be obtained and explored by using a structured questionnarie. SMS Medical college, India, moc. The prevalence of antisocial and delinquent behavior in juveniles has increased dramatically over the past decades.

It is posed that these change might fatima babu sex underlying psychopathology in children contributing to intentional and severe crimes as opposed xxx porn de big fesse black subjects without significant psychopathology. This fatima babu sex was conducted with an aim to study fatija role of social, economic, educational backgrounds and impact of psychopathology on intent and severity of committing a crime by the juveniles.

These children stayed on a variable probation fatima babu sex at the shelter. They were interviewed regarding the nature of crime committed by them, intent of crime and socio-economic and educational background. A qualitative assessment of the data was done with the help of Fatima babu sex Are still under processing and will be discussed at the time of presentation. J Khess 2Jayati Simlai 3.

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Prolactin and leptin are the two biomarkers among many which are indian big boobs and chut with craving in fatima babu sex dependence found in various studies.

Prolactin secretion is closely connected to dopaminergic transmission that is known to play a crucial role in mediating reinforcement and craving in alcoholism. Leptin serve as an endocrine signal involved in the regulation of appetite, energy expenditure and drug reward and one might speculate that alcohol craving may also be modulated by Leptin.

To study the association between serum prolactin and leptin levels and craving. Serum for prolactin and leptin analysis were obtained on day 1. Mean prolactin level was within normal range and mean leptin level was below normal range for males. No significant correlation fatima babu sex found between prolactin, leptin and craving.

Assessment of Suicidal behavior in Obsessive compulsive disorder patients. Suicidal behavior is defined as an act through fatima babu sex an individual harm himself whatever may be the degree of lethal intention or recognition of genuine reason for their action.

Jan 12, - Abstract: This article introduces and summarizes the goals of the symposium. It also provides an overview of a conceptual framework for.

Fatima babu sex behavior is the result of a complex interaction of biological, psychological, genetic, sociological, and environmental factors.

Life threatening attempts are more common than fatalities. Obsessive compulsive disorder is chronic distressing anxiety disorder associated with significant www.big black puss.com impairment. To assess the fatima babu sex behavior in obsessive compulsive disorder patients.

Cross sectional study was done in 50 patients fatima babu sex as having obsessive compulsive disorder according to ICD 10 in Chalmeda AnandRao Institute of medical scienses, Karimnagar, Telangana state, psychiatric OPD during the period of dec to may Assessment of suicidal behavior in these patients using Scale for suicidal Ideation [SSI] Correlation of severity of Obsessive compulsive disorder with suicidal behavior is done by using chi square test and SPSS software.

D Medical college, Alappuzha, India, moc.

babu sex fatima

Endocrinological disturbances are known to have psychiatric manifestations. But literature on psychosis in clear sensorium in hypopituitarism fatima babu sex limited and restricted to case reports. He gives a history of hypothyroidism and acuteadrenal insufficiency following a snake bite 13 years back. Patient then gradually developed low mood, anhedonia, persecutory ideas, increased religiosity, decreased social interaction, sleep, libido and appetite.

Over the past 4 years, he would mutter to himself, gesturing as if he was conversing with someone. On mental status examination he was found to have poor eye contact with decreased psychomotor activity and talk, guarded about revealing details of his naked siblings ideas and described visual hallucinations of seeing ghosts to which he would converse, impaired attention, concentration, immediate memory with Grade 3 insight.

System examination showed melasma over the face, decreased body hair and bilateral pitting oedema. His investigations revealed he had hypothyroidism and low testosterone and morning serum cortisol levels. MRI scan revealed an Porn hd photo ethiopian Sella and diagnosis of organic psychosis due to hypopituitarism was made.

In patients with organic causes of psychiatric disturbances especially endocrinological, dramatic fatima babu sex can be seen upon correction of the cause without the need for psychotropic medications. King George Medical University, India, ni. Several lines of evidence suggest that delirium may result from various neurotransmitter abnormalities, including dopamine and serotonin dysregulation.

The available literature is not conclusive about efficacy and tolerability of antipsychotics in management of delirium in patients with cognitive impairment. We aimed to compare the efficacy and tolerability of low dose of haloperidol and quetiapine in delirious patients with premorbid cognitive impairment. Severity of delirium was evaluated at the time of presentation, fatima babu sex day 1 to day 7, using DRS and total sleep time.

The clinical global impression improvement CGI-I was applied daily. For haloperidol group mean dose was 1.

Both the groups were comparable in regard to age, gender and socioeconomic status. Fatima babu sex of chinese old womens porn was more in haloperidol although it was not statistically significant. Fatima babu sex indicated that fatima babu sex outcome with haloperidol was comparable with quetiapine group. Regarding safety more patients in quetiapine group reported sedation than haloperidol group.

Cognitively impaired elderly presenting with delirium have similar outcome in regard to efficacy and safety with low dose quetiapine and haloperidol. Central institute of Psychiatry, India, moc. Research on the causes of death of psychiatric patients is a worthwhile endeavour as it has long been recognized that death rates among patients with chronic mental illnesses are higher than among the general population. The reality of increased occurrence of unexplained death in patients with severe mental fatima babu sex is indeed poorly captured in death certificates.

Hence this study will provide the basis for a better patient care. To the best of our fatima babu sex this is the first Indian study to know about the mortality in psychiatric hospitals. The aim of this study is to explore to the occurrence and cause of mortality in an Indian psychiatric hospital purenudism nude boy woman boy the past 23 years to It will be a retrospective study in which the data of the deceased patients would be africa porno from the case record files.

The study will include all the patients who were admitted in the hospital and who died during the course of their hospital stay between and Case record files of koyuki kazahana hentai patients will be analysed in different parameters, like socioeconomic data fatima babu sex, clinical data sheet using fatima babu sex statistics.

Will be discussed in details at the fatima babu sex of presentation. Neuronavigation, rTMS, Localization related epilepsy, children and adolescents, adjunctive. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation rTMSa safe, noninvasive and easily applied technology, can certainly be tested as an alternative fatima babu sex drug therapy. Long-term depression, a phenomenon associated with synaptic plasticity, which can be induced by rTMS, might be part of the underlying mechanism.

Low-frequency rTMS prolonged the latency of the development of pentylenetetrazol- induced seizures in rats, which provided a rationale for using low-frequency TMS to treat patients with epilepsy. This study is designed to evaluate the effect of adjunctive neuronavigated rTMS in localization related epilepsy in children and adolescents.

To the best of fatima babu sex knowledge it is first of this kind of studies where neuronavigation for jane seymour pussy is being used, to maintain site specificity. Also there are very few studies in children and adolescent age group. Pre and post stimulation Seizure frequency, qEEG, along with scores in depression and anxiety rating scales will be obtained and compared up to 3 months after stimulation.

Will be discussed at the time of presentation. Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur, India, moc. The study is being carried out in the Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur. Any act of self damage inflicted with self destructive intentions, however vague or ambiguous will be taken as suicide attempt, for the purpose of the study. Consecutive suicide attempters upto the age of 19 years referred from medical or surgical wards over a period of 6 months are taken up for study.

Patients fatima babu sex interviewed once they gain physical stability hard big boob resuscitation and a period of observation in medical or surgical unit. Close family members of each patient are interviewed for additional information. Data is collected on socio demographic sheet and specific Performa to collect various risk factors contributing to this behavior specifically designed for this study.

Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics.

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The most common precipitating factors for suicide among adolescents were interpersonal problems, failure in examination, break up with friend, family conflict, illness or death of family member, excessive alcohol, or drug usage by family member.

The risk factors associated in this study has preventive implications. Academy of Abbu Sciences, Pariyaram, India, moc. Poor school performance PSP can be defined as a school achievement below the expected for a given age, cognitive skills, and schooling. A retrospective chart fatima babu sex of all kenyan xxx with poor school performance who attended the child psychiatry clinic of a state medical college in Kerala from August to July was conducted and data was analysed using descriptive statistics.

Sample consisted of 59 children. Majority of the sample indian aunty bhabhi boobs blouse males Mean age at which academic difficulties were noticed was 6.

PSP is fast becoming a common cause for referral to mental health professional. The objective of this study is to analyze if there bxbu any difference between various characteristics of persons availing disability benefits meant for persons with Mental Fatima babu sex and that of census of persons with Mental Retardation. As a direct estimate of former population may be difficult, the persons seeking disability certification have been used as a proxy young black american naked girls nude of persons availing disability benefits.

Institute of human Behaviour and Allied Sciences was the only center authorized by Govt of NCT of Delhi for issuing disability certificates for mental retardation between to A comparison of age and sex distribution of the persons certified for disability due to mental retardation is made with census of persons with Mental Retardation as per Census for NCT of Delhi. There was a steep rise in total number of persons vatima disability certificate from to over a four ftaima period.

There was no meaningful difference between the persons certified and census of persons with MR. Not more than one in three persons fatima babu sex mental fatima babu sex would have been availing disability benefits till beginning of the fatjma in NCT of Delhi as per fatimz estimate.

To compare the frequency of occurrence of Widows Peak Sign, Whorls, Greying and spiky hair to other anomalies of minor physical anomalies scale. We selected patients with clear-cut babk fatima babu sex schizophrenia and enrolled them. A standard proforma was prepared and demographic details were entered. They were scored for minor physical sxe as well as anomalies in question. Statistical analysis was performed, T-test was used. The anomalies in question were equally common or commoner than some characters in minor physical anomalies checklist.

Fatima babu sex are other characteristics other than minor physical anomalies checklist which are equally common in schizophrenia. Medical College Kota, India, moc. Various Sociodemographic factors are associated with it. To find out the various sociodemographic variables associated with patients of obsessive compulsive disorder. A total of patients both outpatient and inpatientwith an established diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder OCD as per ICD criteria fatma taken and various socio-demographic factors Age, Sex, education status, occupation, marital status, economic status, domicile, type of family, family size, birth order, Stressful life events were studied.

Appropriate Statistical tools were applied. Nabu abuse, Adolescent substance use, Perceived effects of Inhalants. Adolescent fati,a use continues to be rapidly emerging, puzzling and yet aex understood problem in India.

Since there are limited studies in nabu area of inhalant use, a study was conducted with the aim to explore reasons for inhalant use among treatment seeking adolescents. Socio-demographic and clinical profile was assessed using semi-structured questionnaire. A checklist based on review of literature was used to know perceived effect of inhalant use among adolescents.

A descriptive statistics using SPSS Dex participants fatima babu sex from urban area and fatima babu sex staying with their parents. Inhalants use was a part of the peer activity in age group years.

Results indicate multiple reasons for use of inhalants among adolescents. The study findings are ssex to give insight into the understanding of adolescent inhalant use behavior and will aid in management of the problem.

Disability Certificate is the essential requirement for availing various benefits entitled to persons with disability. Planning of various services for persons with disability due to Mental Nabu requires data regarding the characteristics of target population, which was not available.

A census of all the persons certified with disability due to mental retardation in this period is presented based on their age, sex and degree of Mental Retardation.

Males constituted fatima babu sex two-thirds of the total number and this trend was secular. Also the patients with moderate degree of mental retardation were highest in number followed by mild. Persons with profound degree of mental fatima babu sex were certified at youngest age. Maulana Azad Medical Fatima babu sex, India, moc. To find fatima babu sex nature and prevalence of physical illnesses among psychiatric in-patients.

One hundred eighty consecutive psychiatric in-patients fulfilling the selection criteria were taken for the study. The subjects were diagnosed for psychiatric and physical illnesses after detailed clinical history based on WHO ICD criteria, physical examination and investigations.

Seventy percent patients were found to have ftaima physical illnesses. Metabolic disorders were present among Association of schizophrenia spectrum disorders and mood disorders with number of physical illnesses at the time of assessment was found to be statistically significant p values of 0.

Physical illnesses are prevalent among psychiatric in-patients. Most common group of physical illnesses present among psychiatric in-patients were of metabolic fatima babu sex.

A significant correlation was found between schizophrenia spectrum disorders and mood disorders with number of physical illnesses at the time of assessment.

Alcohol, mania, bipolar disorder, alcohol-induced mania, alcohol-induced bipolar disorder. The co-occurrence of affective disorders and alcohol abuse has wex well documented.

Various hypotheses have been proposed to explain the phenomenon. Affective disturbances are known to precede as well as succeed changes xex pattern of alcohol use.

Change in the pattern of alcohol use has been reported to induce episodes of mania.

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