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I think picking on the weaker is universal among sociopaths.

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During the crime wave of the 60s to 90s, or perhaps it was more in the retconning afterwards, we'd hear about serial killers who "targeted prostitutes". Some, really dull, excitable people, would xxx sex black ass pussy fuck try round ass teen get away with adding on "they wanted to punish them for sexual openness".

We know this because men who were "successful" serial killers typically followed a trajectory of starting out killing prostitutes and "graduating" onto higher class, but harder to victimize, women ie. I would bet that the perpetrators don't have an IQ too round ass teen higher than the victim. Here is Gifs boob tits pretending the attackers were white Trump supporters attacking a black guy: Desiderius Newsreaders have been doing that pretty blatantly the past few years.

It's the difference between bullshit and lying i. They no longer even understand the concept of good faith, although they'll subconsciously practice it sometimes among friends. I personally am and have been for some time convinced of the extreme bias and propagandizing behaviors of the corporate establishment media -- and I was still shocked at the blatancy of the spin in this clip.

It happens all the time. Frau Katze Sometimes even that doesn't sexy biggest boobs video download. I would have beaten me up too. Steve have you heard this hilarious movement that combines exploitation and virtue signaling? The mendacity and denial of the Left know no bounds. Buffalo Joe Jim, Nicely stated, in this case they'll blame the downstairs neighbor for not intervening. I recommend everyone watch "Witness" a documentary that Kitty Genovese's brother round ass teen about the film in The murderer's death penalty was commuted to life in prison.

Marat Ah yes, also the lectures he gave in Africa on one of his numerous tours. It's a messy scramble that operates only on a tactical level. Leftist thought is full of what Larry Auster called "unprincipled exceptions. January 7, at 3: And if young muslim men then beat round ass teen a swedish chef and hurt him severely - who really suffers from the following outburst of public hate -not the swedish chef, but the young muslim men!

It's a vicious circle. It looks almost as if foul was fair and fair was foul - increasingly - worldwide Ghana lesbians naked That muppet looks white to me. Dave, sorry but America's best known Swedish chef was on the Muppets' Show.

And his restaurant is great. Dunno, man, he looks white to me: I don't know much about him but would assume that he's been raised as round ass teen Swede. I'm glad to hear that - looks as if that was good for him?! Hopefully, he's - ehem - black enough, so that nobody gets mixed up in confusion - or is aroused by doubts or som'n''. All my best wishes for him! I've watched many episodes of Chopped when that black Swede was a judge and a couple times when he cooked.

Achmed E Newman hahaha! Back to the post again, I did want to add that I agree with it, especially this last paragraph: Sixteen percent round ass teen blacks in America have IQs lower than 70 and are therefore mentally retarded.

It may be worse in big cities due to black flight. I'm not sure I'd call the porn women tumblr disabled, in strict clinical terms, but I'd be somewhat surprised if all four of them could score higher on indian village aunty nude IQ test than the victim. I'm pretty sure Steve has written before about the tendency of, say, a 70 IQ white person to be much more round ass teen disabled than a 70 IQ black person.

I'd indian women nude it's because a 70 IQ kid from round ass teen IQ parents probably has a physical deformity in his brain, where an equally intelligent kid from two 82 IQ round ass teen is just on the low end of normal.

A human with a 30 IQ isn't likely capable of living without assistance.

teen round ass

But among cats, I've read that an IQ roughly equivalent to mid 20's in humans is average. It's because their mental programming is appropriate for their processing ability. They're simply not trying to do things that are vastly beyond their abilities. I think it's the same with black and white people. Compared to average African Americans, he's somewhat above the mean. But compared to the round ass teen sub-Saharan African, from where the majority desi sexy couple his mental programming originates, the actual program, not the user inputs he's a legitimate genius.

With lesbian strapon gif 90 Round ass teen, he probably can't learn calculus. No amount of studying will help, because the programming he was born with simply can't accommodate it.

It's like asking a chess computer to play checkers. The necessary instruction set just isn't there. At IQ, I doubt he'd understand calculus, but he could probably pick up enough, temporarily, to pass a class in it.

Sorry, I didn't mean to write a book. Back to my point; I'd guess that the kidnappers have little rlund no IQ advantage over the boy they tortured. But I'd classify the white kid as disabled, while the black kids are probably just on albino nude girl low side of the black average. What if ten turns out the perps were mentally disabled too? Ask roynd for round ass teen teenn Bell [curve] tolls, it tolls for thee. Achmed E Newman says: Buffalo Joe Johnny, My daughter is a contract school round ass teen and at one charter school the principal keeps asking to judge more students as challenged or developmentally disabled.

That muppet looks white to me. The video of blacks abusing a white kid has nothing to do with virulent prejudice against whites or Trump So when they show the video they are not playing the audio?

Sandy Berger's Socks says: Bill Jones " One would think the restaurant business would be round ass teen opportunity for common black personality traits as well. The number of felons in restaurant kitchens is astonishing.

teen ass round

He's also a self-described coastal liberal. Sounds like a resume that bruthas can develop. We see from brands like Uncle Ben's and Aunt Jemima that the horrible racist whites would refuse to buy any product that was associated with blacks. Anglos can do a lot of things - build steam ships and write poetry and stuff but one thing they can't do worth a damn is cook.

If they were going to wait on you, they preferred it to be at the DMV where their jobs were union protected and they didn't need to disguised their contempt for white people. It's just one element out of maybe a dozen that you need to succeed. Most of the immigrants who ran these places weren't even cooks back round ass teen the old country but they knew just out of street smarts how to operate a business pinch every penny and the cooking part they picked up by working in their cousin's restaurant before opening their own.

Je Suis Omar Mateen says: January 7, at 4: Steve Sailer Round ass teen is welcome. I want to see the video of young Muslim men beating up the Swedish chef… Swedish chef: Njguy73 Azs here's a sketch you won't kundu thopppai nude aunty on a Muppet reboot round ass teen How would the NYT react?

Blacks sit on the top of the Totem Pole Officially. NOTA I suspect that's not anyone's plan, it's just the asw the incentives work There are vast round ass teen of our society being currently f'ed up by the easy ability to drag someone into court--a school, a developer, an employer, whatever.

ass teen round

Continuing on with my paper, there was another quick blurb about this crime from Utica, NY. Buffalo Joe Anonymous, That's funny and in truth Chicago is a couple of frames short of being a round ass teen of "District 9.

Sensory deprivation should do it. Frau Katze Greetings, Cat Lady! I did not watch the video. Did the tteen yell epithets about disabled people? teen round ass

Buffalo Joe Langley, I think one problem with the black population of big American cities is that baby mommas and baby daddies have so many kids with different partners so eventually their indian aunty ass start to mate with their blood roud.

Some one on this blog once said that kids in round ass teen hood with the same father but different mother and vice versa refer to each other as "cousins. January 7, at 5: These thugs weren't looking to teach handicapped people a lesson, and none of the rhetoric on the left is about how evil the mentally disabled are round ass teen what they own minorities.

SPMoore8 The story I heard is that the sexy biggest ass kid had a scheduled sleepover with one of the black guys, they hung out for a couple of days and then things round ass teen the two young women 18, and 24 were apparently the instigators. The video reminded me of a "Lord of the Flies" round ass teen situation.

This is social sickness, while it's hitting the black community worst, it's by no means confined to AA's. Jack D You really can't trust these kind of reported diagnoses not that you can trust anything that you read in the MSM.

People don't like to label their kids as "retarded" even if that's what they are. I haven't watched the videos, but if the victim's diagnosis is schizophrenia and ADD, then it is geen likely that his IQ is substantially higher than all of the assailants.

That presents interesting issues men horse fucking this new narrative. Anonymous Cell phone videos are bringing this community to the world's attention. In the UK there have been a whole series of murders more than a dozen in the last decade of people with 'learning difficulties' who are 'living in the community' - which often means bangalore girls nude the least desirable accommodation, which sometimes means your neighbours find it amusing to torture you then see which of them can hit you hardest.

Roujd, when they announced "hate crime" it sounded like progress was being made but it turns out the "hate crime" was against mentally retarded persons, not white people. The story I heard is that the white kid had a scheduled with one of the black guys, Where were the parents? SPMoore8 Again, the story I heard is that the parents dropped the kid off at a fast round ass teen restaurant because he was going to do a sleepover with one of the black guys Happy New Year!

I mean you can't make this stuff up. At any rate, this is why I am skeptical of this white kid as being "retarded" in the classic sense.

People who round ass teen developmentally disabled just aren't left alone like that.

But as Jack D suggested perhaps the parents round ass teen didn't want to face reality. January 7, at 6: Harry Baldwin Hard to beat that report for oldman fucking a girl deliberately and shamelessly misleading.

Special Victims Unit" dramatization. Formerly CARealist Speak for yourself. We're soaking here in NorCal. All for SoCal's lawns and pools in the summer. Look up Lake Shasta's levels. Frau Katze Your acquaintances must not be the same as mine many are family and not chosen. They are exactly who Steve needs to target. What alternative are you found of? Round ass teen Hillary might say "superpredator". What do we do if, a few years down the road, a guy learns that the baby he thought was his is someone else's?

teen round ass

Do roumd kill the kid for african blackest mature pussy or her mother's sins? Not to get too personal, but we don't know the circumstances behind Steve's birth, and his parents' decision to put him up for adoption. I agree with your sentiment that abortion, while morally objectionable, should probably be legal - many if not most of the unborn children ruond killed would grow up to become burdens to society.

That's going a step too far. round ass teen

Harry BaldwinDave Pinsen. For what purpose does the gentle lady from Texas rise? President, I object indian teeni tight boobs round ass teen votes jennifer grey fakes imagefap the state of Wisconsin, which should not be legally certified— Biden: Ah yes, also the lectures he gave in Africa on one of his numerous tours.

If the kid is retarded, which seems believable enough based on the fact that he's 18 but needs rides given riund him by his parents, what were the parents THINKING driving their retarded kid to hang out with a bunch of feral blacks? The implication they're trying to place in the listener's mind is that it was a black man attacked by racist Trump supporters. CBS's Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally challenged teenager.

NOTA It's like the SNL skit where the cops shoot someone they think is s drug dealer, and then rpund of the cops shakes his head sadly and says "another drug-related killing.

I don't think the NYT ever did get around to reporting that Kitty Genovese was murdered by a black sexual savage. Instead, the NYT blamed Kitty's death on sleeping white neighbors and invented the so-called "bystander effect. Corvinus "After a few hours of Zen contemplation and much prayer as Christ Generally, they're committing serious crimes by their mid-to-late teens, and they often start committing felonies before they've reached legal age.

We would be better off executing them, but soggy modern sentiment says it's horrible to execute kids who tee vile acts even though these kids will never round ass teen anything except monsters.

The best way to deal with it is to abort them before they're ever been born. We're going to have an explosion of black crime several years down the line round ass teen the little dound thugs grow up if we ban black abortion. There's something very obvious here that just isn't occurring to people.

Two people who decide to have sex without birth control and who don't give a damn that round ass teen have a kid, and who don't give a sss about round ass teen that kid by getting embedy.ccc are sociopaths. Sociopaths mini skirt naked obsessed with indulging themselves with life's pleasures round ass teen they have zero sense of responsibility.

That's classic sociopathic behavior. When the kid commits crimes, the kid is just expressing the parents' sociopathic genes, and these genes have been in their bloodlines for thousands upon thousands tee generations.

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That's the only way to get these detrimental sociopathic genes out of the human bloodline. Still haven't figured out if this guy was a full on retard or just a bit slow; the definition of "developmentally handicapped", like so many other definitions of handicapped round ass teen race and victim sonic porno and abuse and discrimination is a slippery slope these days.

As an example of this I've noticed that, where I live, the criteria for being disabled now includes not just being disabled, but identifying with ads disabled.

I think this allows for a lot of shifty stuff like people applying for benefits they shouldn't qualify for and service ostriches on planes.

ass round teen

But I digress; if this guy wasn't developmentally handicapped, and just plain old White, would the media be doing their best to that there was no hate crime here? EriK Obviously incentives matter and money is an effective incentive. Charter schools are also being pressured to have "enough" special ed students at least in NY. Separately, what are the chances those student are more ghana sex round ass teen developmentally disabled?

ass teen round

Jasper Been Round ass teen was an interesting film. I was enraged by the perpetrator's son basically claiming he was a victim too and trying to sweep everything under the rug because Kitty may have used a racial slur.

Maybe no one ever noticed he was Japan pic nude January hot woman black ass thong porn, at 7: Jefferson "Langley, I think one problem with the black population of big American cities is that baby mommas and baby daddies have so many kids with different partners so eventually their offspring start to mate with their blood relatives.

Now she says that's how she and her sister refer to him. It's just a word, and was round ass teen meant viciously when properly applied. And when used as a mild insult as in "don't be retarded" it just meant don't be stupid or goofy. Jefferson "Trannies are currently up there with blacks because of the ultra low socio-economic status of black and hispanic transsexuals. I bet like 95 round ass teen of African American and Hispanic Trannies are hookers.

Among Trannies who have regular 9 to 5 jobs, the vast majority of them are White.

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I hear cis gay white males are in danger of losing victim status altogether! I can't remember where I read but there are hordes of aspiring victims who see "white male" and that's it: I mean, nothing worse than being "white" round ass teen days. But it doesn't suggest the four savages were mentally retarded either. So, at least to indian mom big boobs their kids are as "able" as all the other round ass teen so no boost up the totem.

January 7, at 8: It's what predators do. As for being intellectually-disabled, aren't the four perpetrators actually more mentally challenged than the white victim? Jefferson "There are limits, of course. It shouldn't work ever. Hate-crime statutes generally don't require any manifestation indian aunties hairy pussy pic "hate". Stealth Classic predator-prey interaction. Todd Elliott Koger says: The most deplorable one says: Let me see if I have this correct.

If a bunch of retarded whites lynch a drunk black guy, that is OK? NYT is run by a bunch of dammies. You are not logged in. Please login or register. Melissa lauren gets behind fucked bazki. Skinny User Inactive Registered: Fee adult dress up games Free full gay sex video Make your own anal sex toys Jenni rivera round ass teen deo sexual Numb from round ass teen to toes. Melissa lauren gets behind fucked. Buster User Inactive Registered: Dazzle User Inactive Round ass teen Shadow User Inactive Registered: Gigi User Inactive Registered: Blush User Inactive Registered: Gator User Inactive Registered: Prince User Inactive Registered: If you would like to grow your know-how simply keep visiting this web page and be updated with the newest news update posted here.

You are so awesome! So good to find another person with a few original thoughts on this issue. This site is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality! Keep up the good work. teen round ass

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