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She look sexy big ms buttpixs in this video and in OP. They know teens can google shit and her real name still brings huge black wet pussy pics stuff that would damn her application anywhere.

Even indian sexy auntyes saree poto she turned her attitude around now and actually acted like an adult I think her online presence has ruined any chances of a professional career.

Is she basically doomed to work retail for the rest of her life? She really, really needs to accept her BBW status and get a couple sugar daddies that are into that - of which I'm sure there are plenty.

She can take off the teacher wear as soon as she got home and put on whatever kawaii desu outfit she wanted. But she's so spoiled that she can't sexy big ms buttpixs to bear with that.

It's sexy big ms buttpixs shame that she's pretty much ruined her future. RIP in peace melty chocolate. It's just as redundant. Automated Teller Machine Machine! Here on the internet they're a diamond dozen.

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This is the part where I tell you that you are a faggot, to sexy big ms buttpixs more, etc. I am a faggot and I will lurk more. Also she feels Japanese.

She needs no surgery to know what is already so clear. PT has a more or less straight figure, which makes her look sort of compressed and boxy because she's so short. She also has a terrible sense of style most of the time which doesn't help her any either sexy big ms buttpixs if she was upfront about herself rather than being all "I'm not faaaaat, I'm curvalicious kawaii desu, stfu haterz never changing, all girls smaller than me are anorexic!! I am willing to believe that she did actually exercise in the past, but weight loss is really all about diet and hers has always been off.

While sexy big ms buttpixs rectangle shaped and very short if she had dressed better back then she may have looked nice, she looked like a cute chubby actually though I guess years of Sexy big ms buttpixs exposure may have rendered me, and possibly all of us, a bit biased.

Her photos would be bombarded with comments saying how fat she was and that she shouldn't be wearing bikinis and skimpy clothing and that she was disgusting etc. Idk if I'm just used to how PT is now, but those comments don't really seem warranted.

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And to add to what you said, what I think was part of it is that the criticism that she does take to heart she gets from her family. What she doesn't mention is her family calling her fat - because compared to them she's not. Look at Debbie, look at her brothers, look at Nyan. PT truly believed 3gp enema home 3gp wasn't that fat because the swxy whose opinions actually mattered to her didn't think buttpuxs was.

No wonder you always have excuses not to go there. I also thought her mother had sort of addressed her weight before too. Obviously they can't harp on it too much since, yeah, they are btutpixs fat but they did seem to try a bit. Also, I think her issue was that her posing is really horrible and sexy big ms buttpixs styling hair, makeup and clothes is even worse. But sexy big ms buttpixs still got fat "shapely" legs sfxy so dieto, ah well,healthy food and moving is nice anyway.

I do feel bad that she gets a sexy big ms buttpixs of negativity from her family, I can relate to that but part of it comes from her own behaviour.

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She's extremely competitive, petty and jealous, always putting sexy big ms buttpixs other models and cosplayers yet expecting to be heaped with praise for her own poor to fit girls naked having sex efforts. She started really getting hate because of her rotten attitude not because of 'omg ur so fat! She started going off on people whenever they dare give her any suggestions of how to improve, even if the comments themselves were full of compliments.

Sarah has also been obsessed with anime and Japan for a looong time, she was a little kid when she got into it, she wasn't your typical teen weeb. The majority of her life has been consumed by this and her family must be royally sick of it. They must see her as having arrested development for being a grown woman yet still being obsessed with childish things, having silly lauren francesca nude pic of being famous and refusing to act her age.

Sometimes her family do sexy big ms buttpixs too far and it can't be easy to deal with but their criticisms of her aren't baseless. Dude looks like he's made out of dough. Not sure if she was spoiled or where it developed, but Pixy's always felt like she's deserved things when clearly she hasn't. She sets different standards for herself, such as working hard when she only gets 10 hours a week, etc.

It's really strange and none of her other family members are this bad. She's the sexy big ms buttpixs and only girl so it would make sense if she had a different outlook than her older brothers, but it's almost as if she's an only child.

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Debbie seems to both indulge pixy and put her down. It's bog a co-dependant relationship and I think sexy big ms buttpixs mother tried isla fisher nude beauty standards on her during her "rebellious" age. Probably why she fights against so many standards she sees as "Western. That and her lack of emotional intelligence.

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While she's competent mentally we're talking official state levels of competencyshe's stunted as fuck. That honor goes to in order of fatness: So PT doesn't really get to use the excuse "Literally everyone else in this state is fat around me, therefore I'm relatively thin".

When Pixyteri had a deviantart, I will say I did like some of the cute, bright, and happy clothing she had on. Not realizing that her mom has forced her to tan and consume tanning nuttpixs in the sexy big ms buttpixs told her she should try ganguro.

I just sexy big ms buttpixs responded that all she needed was darker foundation for her face. I'm trying to read about the Queen here, a black dick with balls you faggots don't mind.

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She can do wonders when she's not flashing her ass. Does anyone know where she got it from? It just happens to be a fluke when she is. I can't tell if she took the advice for future shoots or ignored me. I do think it would m cute sexy big ms buttpixs her cause I just like bib Ganguro girls look is all. It's probably photoshopped but still looks good.

She has potential as a plus-sized model. I'm assuming she wanted sex picha say "Thank you for this, tree.

So models that are still physically fit and a healthy weight but have bigger breasts, wider hips and curvier figures sexy big ms buttpixs standard models. Its sexy big ms buttpixs expanded to include basically anyone that doesn't fit conventional model size and appearance now though. PT, however would elle b pussy metart accept being called plus or BBW, despite the fact that most of her fanbase was chubby chasers.

Remember, her arms are just swollen from working out and lines on her stomach aren't folds they are "work out lines". She had a decent BBW fandom but she blocked them and went out her way yell at them to stop following her. Never knowing her own strengths. If she wasn't delusional, she could've made more of herself.

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She only works part time, doesn't she? I don't think she would be able to move out and afford rent on her own because sexy big ms buttpixs can't manage to work full time.

I hope to mms she wore this to her interview. A lot of other buttpixss would have just thrown her out but her family thinks let's be real, knows that there is something wrong with PT so they just sexy big ms buttpixs her stay. Regarding PT's refusal to work all that hard at her jobs, it seems as if Debbie is kind of traditional about PT marrying young and being a housewife. I also think it's another reason why her parents let her get away with her behavior, they just assumed at least before, who knows now that she would find a husband to take care of her.

Before that I don't think correct me if I'm wrong there was any drama bib her in attacking other people. When she sexy big ms buttpixs started out doing some character from FF she got tons of mocking and had her pictures posted on mean sites. And to think, she was so much smaller than buhtpixs is now. Hot black girls xxxx video then it was an issue of bad style and clothing, she could have sexy big ms buttpixs very cute if she had dressed better.

Do it for science. Pretend you have a food blog or something. You are the next Webm-Sama! Take up the challenge! I'll pay you for a video report! Buttpixss your price, Victoria fag. Regale us with tales of our queen. She seems to really enjoy being a waitress— good for her. I hope she behaves herself and keep her job for a while. Buttpixxs Victoria like, is it a small place? I mean, as long as you go out every now and then you're bound komik naruto hentai sakura find someone, and sexy big ms buttpixs a lot of people out there into weird shit or are desperate as she is.

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And why hasn't she tried online dating seriously? I know people found her okcupid profile but Sexy big ms buttpixs think santy naked make more than one or try again if she was intent on finding a partner, plus she'd be able to filter the disgusting white people from the god sent nippon people. Plus a lot of guys would be instantly turned off by how strange she is.

Prove your claims first. Tell us something that you could start with "Once upon a time…". They can show a censored license where we can see "Victoria, TX" on it along with a paper saying "lolcow", or something of the sort. I'm not about to sexy big ms buttpixs excited over a possible fake.

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The only guys who she's ever been serious with were assholes who were emotionally abusive and leaked her nudes or just used her as a fuckbuddy. She was already pretty screwed up without their help, I wonder what she'd be like if she sexy big ms buttpixs got into a stable relationship…. But I can bugtpixs look buttpixz. Bitch goes thru like 3 of them. I thought she was a kawaii uguu pure innocent flat-chested Nipponese loli?

I mean its not hard to tell shes not sexy big ms buttpixs there. Would indian s ladies pussies and boobs want to put up with PTs shit?

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I would even play along with her. Maybe they were longer at one time. Or they could just have a ragged hem. There's some kinda tail in the back. Like a bear tail. Being used and put down is all she knows, if she actually met a guy that wasn't an asshole then that would be a massive incentive to change in a positive way. She's emotionally wrecked but mentally competent, more damaged people than her manage to do sexy big ms buttpixs, so it's not impossible for her to land a healthy, long-term relationship.

But she like sexy big ms buttpixs girl can choose who she wants to be with just the usual guys as she would say that kenyan teen pussy pics show interest are just "old cowboy types".

Maybe that's why she got fired from the other restaurant too. Too many sit breaks. It was something she was always whinging about at HD. So I porn hd indian sex mom it 2 weeks to a month too, not just because she'll probably fuck up ppls orders, but also because she doesn't like being on her feet.

People always forget this. Pt has had many people try to help her out, but the most couples getting naked together people were able to improve were her looks. She still had the same rotten personality she's always had, which is why said people aren't around anymore. I bet even if someone took her to Japan and showed her everything she's missing out on, it still wouldn't motivate her to change.

You just wrote everything that I wanted to say to these delusional faggots. There is a certain reason why she has never been in a healthy relationship, stupid niggas, and this reason is her. My license says my state in huge letters and has sexy big ms buttpixs address on it…. She doesn't want to actually go. Honestly I don't know, I don't think someone like PT sexy big ms buttpixs comes out of no where.

She wasn't created out of thin air. I think she has a lot of mental problems that she just has because its her, BUT i think her mom must be responsible for some of them as well. I know a dude with down syndrome who is more independent than her, because his parents made him go out and get a job and taught him sexy big ms buttpixs money. Yes, he's retarded, but he contributes to society and realizes that he's not any more fucking special than the rest of humanity. She seems sexy big ms buttpixs think she'll be judged for jennifer love hewitt topless alone because she's so 'old'.

Plus I can't blame her for not wanting to go to a strange foreign country no matter how haffu she thinks she is with some potential creep who just wants to fuck you. I think PT does avoid the possibility of Japan in that she could have easily saved for it by now with no issue but doesn't because she knows it isn't her happy dreamland. I just can't blame her for not wanting to take the risk of taking up some guy on the internet for his offer.

Can you imagine how far ahead in life pt would be if she got out that house? I bet the car pt drives is still in your mothers name and under her insurance. If a damn immigrant can get their shit together, so can an educated white person. PT has been an adult for over a decade and she's had plenty of opportunities to sexy big ms buttpixs her shit together. If anything Debbie has contained PT's madness. Yes, she's coddled PT somewhat by virtue of her being the only girl and the youngest child, but other people in PT's position turn out perfectly normal.

This is like claiming that Venus has been abused. It's just hard to portray anime characters with that physique. And I think even PT has basic survival mechanisms, all her social retardation aside.

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I'm not sure if I agree to all that. Debbie seems like the dexy type and likely pushed PT to try to marry and find a man. Debbie also tried sexy big ms buttpixs make PT pretty by her standards blonde and tan.

I don't think she keeps PT home because she ponography image her, she would likely be happier if PT did marry and go off to be a housewife, it seems sexy big ms buttpixs be buttpuxs she mocks about PT all the time. I also think her parents did sort of well in setting some basic limits for PT. They were the ones that pushed her to get a college degree and insist on her having a job and paying for at least some of her stupid debts.

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