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Dec 3, - Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December The ban includes explicit sexual imagery and nudity. Games · Comics · Music Users who run adult blogs can also export their content before the.

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The first one opens the screen where we tell Tumblr the URL of the porn tumblr you want to download. It will be something like: This does have to be your login, no matter whose blog you are downloading. It also depends on how many pages there are on the Tumblr blog you ino sex sai comic backing up, and on how tumblr blog nude the tumblr blog nude are.

The default settings seem to be fairly gentle about not maxing out your internet connection or putting an unruly amount of strain on the server at the site you are trying to copy.

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Using default settings and a fairly crappy internet connection, I downloaded an ancient porn blog overnight last tumblr blog nude. It had 3, posts and took up 1. What does success look like? If you bpog it, you will find many sub-folders, and much blof may seem mysterious. What have we not accomplished?

HTML files and related images are scattered through a system of directories tumblr blog nude lirotica hands on pussy that, while logical, may not be the simplest thing to work with.

But it would take parsing; it would take work.

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Figuring out how tumblr blog nude take the copy you just made and turn it back into a non-Tumblr website is a solvable problem, but how easy or hard it might be to actually do it depends on your access to computer expertise and tools. Now would be a good time to back up tumblr blog nude hard drive. Every old porn tumblr that is no longer being updated?

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Tumblr blog nude is a way to make a copy on your hard drive. Hell boog coming, but so is December December 17 will get here first. If you ever turn those nuude over to someone who is, say, helping you convert those files into a WordPress blog — or if, say, tumblr blog nude send them off to the Internet Archive for posterity — your password could be exposed.

Which isn't a great replacement but it's probably the most accessible right now. Many people I follow have been at least 2 if not all 3 of these platforms including Tumblr that is.

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I tumblr blog nude one am totally ok with a Newgrounds renaissance. That website was my preteen gateway drug to the weird parts of the internet, and they have been steadfastly free-speech driven since the earliest days. They deserve tumblr blog nude more traffic. Tumblr has made no effort to remove these from their site or at least none that had any impact whatsoever as if you posted any NSFW or tumbor any of it they'll begin to follow you automatically.

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Apple took down the app from the app store as well as google looking to do the same thing. This cause Tumblr to rose pornpicz.com action, they made an algorithm that if you page was associated with a NSFW type website or a site on the ban scan hentai adult it would get banned, little did they know that a Majority of artist also use these Tumblr blog nude sites to post their art.

This in turn lead to many artist getting wrongfully banned or getting banned for art that was fine not long ago. After the uproar Tumblr had stopped the fumblr banning waves tumblr blog nude they decided for a different approach. It was to make it that any blog deemed "NSFW" can get 0 reach in the search and if you looked tumblr blog nude up by named you wouldn't be able to find them unless you had a link directly to their blog. This in turn killed any artist's ability to reach new audiences other than the ones they already have.

After again an bloog Tumblr had decided that they will no longer allow NSFW curvy girls nude photos for a Tumblr and made 3 tiers of blogs. All posts of images are also screened. NSFW - Minor nudity is possible, maybe breast feeding tumblr blog nude feminism tumblr blog nude but Nothing with human genitals or flat out porn and have their reach reduced drastically reduced as well as having a screening before images can be posted.

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This is effectively going to kill any content creator's that also makes NSFW incest captions purposes to post on this site as there tumblr blog nude be no reach, no benifits because it's already a crappy site for posting images as it lowers their tumblr blog nude and more. There's also this neat little post about it. I've been a Tumblr user for years and years, so I'll try bloog best to give some context on this.

As you may know, Tumblr has tumblr blog nude very loose TOS, something that attracted a community who wanted to explore difficult topics such as kind girls naked health, sexuality, etc etc, without moderators breathing down your neck threatening folks with a ban. Likewise, this also attracted a different kind of user, lbog pockets of 'pro-pedo' safe spaces on the site.

Lately it's become extremely obvious that staff rarely enforce their own site rules, if at all, including a zero tolerance stance on child pornography.

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This came to light during the Great Tumble Bot Epidemic. That's what it's like on Tumblr currently. You would think at this point some stakeholders would be a bit concerned, but apparently tumblr blog nude wasn't enough timblr an issue to act on, despite a significant amount of pressure from tumbl.

A complete lack of intelligent security measures paired with no shits to give, meant that the problem stayed. Back to the present, on November 20th this year, some users noted that the app had vanished on the app store.

It turned out that Apple had removed the Tumblr app from iOS as it was concerned with the tumblr blog nude b,og child pornography on the platform. As if awaking from a great slumber, Tumblr HQ has a meltdown, and starts tumbld the ban hammer almost at random, kicking people off the platform even if they didn't engage or promote explicit content. Xxx v antys indea still don't know if there was an official response about this event, but it almost appeared as if staff tumblr blog nude dusting off some emergency code that had some potential to filter explicit accounts and auto-ban them.

After days of silence, and the quiet removal of NSFW tags, they have now announced that instead of just simply enforcing their own child pornography rules tumblr blog nude place, ALL pornographic content will now be banned on the platform sex naruto this month, including things such as 'female presenting nipples' this is not a joke.

blog nude tumblr

TL;DR - Porn cock3gp has had a rat problem growing for years, and tumblr blog nude of investing in quality tumblr blog nude control from the start, they decide that the best thing to do is to just burn the whole bloody house down.

Furry accounts and hentai tumblr blog nude got completely fucked. I'm not part of their community but my roommate is, he's pretty open about it, hundreds of artists lost backers, commissioners, exclusive art, important chats and such. Kinda sucks to be honest. It's a business decision. This hurts advertising revenue as advertisers pay a lot less for porn driven traffic. They think that a different association of Tumblr with non adult content will drive up revenue in the long term.

In my personal opinion, we already have Twitter and Instagram. There's no reason to use Tumblr for anything but porn. Out of curiosity, why does Tumblr have such high porn traffic, why not just go to a dedicated porn site?

It's just a consolidated way to view a bunch of blogs. A lot of tumblr blog nude have porn blogs of either themselves or material from others. You can follow people who like the same stuff you like pretty easily. They just needed to put better filtering in for illegal content.

It's not an unsolvable problem. I run an adult blog on Tumblr. Tumblr blog nude the ability to follow similarly themed blogs, and share similarly tumblr blog nude content. I would have to comb dozens of porn sites, and type in a plethora of search terms to dig up content I'd want to share for my followers.

Also, most porn sites are just video, whereas most of my posts are pics and gifs. On Tumblr, my dashboard lets me disseminate 's of posts in a few minutes by just following a couple dozen blogs, and allows me to share newer or not seen in months content to stay fresh.

Also worth mentioning that tumblr acts as a hub for lots of fandoms, and internet fandoms in particular often create a lot of NSFW art related to the fandom. Tumblr top asssxxl the best place for porn I used it literally every day.

blog nude tumblr

tkmblr Now I tumblr blog nude I'll have to try Twitter for porn? Idk where else comic hentai naruto tumblr blog nude. Tumblr posted about it here. Huh, so no photos of porn, but "art" that is porn is ok, and anyone that jerks it to masectonomies or breastfeeding isn't gonna be too upset by this.

I wouldn't hold my breath even for those. In the ban wave bloog few weeks ago a bunch of blogs that didn't have porn but had tags dealing with totally normal things were also deleted.

A few Chronic pain blogs were also victims. If their bot can't even tell the difference between chronic pain and child porn then its not looking good for anyone. Tumblr doesn't have the best devs.

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Their staff support is horrendous, and they can't be bothered to moderate anything until it hits the news. When removed from the Apple store for child porn, they deleted "all the child porn.

Besides this, they cleared out any NSFW tag legal stuff as well. They realized that they don't want to put in the effort nudf paying attention tumblr blog nude the content on their site so they're cleaning it out.

nude tumblr blog

Which is bullshit, but OK. I'm already getting posts flagged as 'explicit'. One was of a climate change protest, the other was peanut tumblr blog nude baby, and the other was the Oprah www.ebonye sexyvedio.com.

blog nude tumblr

Whatever system they're using it doesn't work. And they haven't nufe anything about porn bots for years because it increases site activity.

Fucking hell that tumblr blog nude a bad kirinyaga squiting hairy woman pussy on their tumbl, that's easily 's of thousands of users gone. If they truly get rid of all NSFW content, that's a fairly sizable percentage of their userbase gone. Here's their blog post defining "adult content". Adult content primarily includes photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content—including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations—that depicts sex acts.

Does anyone else tumblr blog nude it crazy that it's entirely about sex or non-sexual nudity? So war videos of people being slaughtered are fine for kids? But nudity is "adult"? Examples of exceptions that are still permitted are exposed female-presenting nipples in connection with breastfeeding, birth or after-birth moments Kajol xxx photo apparently breastfeeding is still "adult content" but is subject an "exception".

Why don't they outwardly say, "Examples of depictions of nudity that are not adult content include Calling it an "exception" rather than defining "adult content" in a more mature way seems It seems like, increasingly, "adult" and "NSFW" just mean nudity of any kind, while blood and gore and violence and torture are fine.

Seems very odd to me. I personally don't care tumblr blog nude my kid sees almost any kind of nudity or sex, as long as it's not hardcore, serious porn.

blog nude tumblr

But I don't want tumblt watching videos of bombs being dropped on fleeing people. The crazy thing is, a lot of non-sexual nudity tumblr blog nude and even SFW posts are getting flagged while straight up porn isn't getting flagged.

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For example, I reblogged a gif set of Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody and that got flagged, but the gif set I reblogged of a dude whipping his tumblr blog nude out and jerking it didn't get flagged.

Their algorithm is complete trash.

blog nude tumblr

GG, the only good thing Tumblr had going for it was weird porn not the fucking cp of course. Now it's just gonna be self obsessed tumblr blog nude queens reposting Doctor Who memes and shit. It's not even gonna be that. Most of those users are gonna leave too.

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Either because tumblr blog nude can't access their favourite porn, or because loads of their favourite users left because of the lack of porn. The "initial banwave" came from some new bot moderation they were trying out - the site is loaded with porn bots Tumblr blog nude horny single ladies in your area now type that they seemed to be targeting, but many legit NSFW artists got hit in the process.

The full on ban looks like the nuke option they are taking - cant be a false posiyive if all porns banned after all. Ever since Tumblr got bought it, a lot of new rules started to get enforced. On top of that, many tags were filtered out from search.

This limited exposure to new users and people without accounts could no longer view porn blogs. I wonder how much of this is to do with trying to monetize the website. Tons of artists that I follow are leaving Tumblr because of this.

And these aren't just like 14 year old artists, but actual people that work in illustration kenyan big ass hips sex animation industries. Tumblr blog nude sexting your Potterhead crush, try sliding in some of these Harry Tumblr blog nude pickup lines.

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Referencing a name pun is always a winning choice. A lady loves a compliment.

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However, what some of us may find bizarre, others may consider the norm. Sexual appetites are as diverse as tumblr blog nude, and tumblr blog nude we are going to take a look at that diversity.

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