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The difference this makes in the whole atmosphere of the hospital is evident to patients and visitors. This sense of stewardship demands a continual updating and upgrading of medical procedures to assure patients the highest quality care. One of the most significant recent developments is the creation of a department of Family Medicine. This department provides primary health care for a limited number xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman families, that is, the kind of all-round, ongoing health care normally provided by a family physician.

At the same time department offers training in xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman medicine for physicians who will enter this field of practice.

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This xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman help to balance the trend 32 of recent years toward increased specialization in the practice of medicine. Many of the physicians training in family medicine are receiving part of xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman clinical experience in small towns and rural communities under the auspices of the Area Health Education Centers AHECcreated by the State legislature.

It is believed and hoped that some of them will choose to remain in these areas for their permanent practice. Improvement of physical facilities is another expression of the hospital's sense of stewardship. In recent months renovation of the west and south wings of the hospital has been completed; construction has begun on a 4-level parking deck in front of Reynolds Tower which will provide approximately parking spaces for visitors; and construction has begun on a new building to house the new depart- ment of Family Medicine.

The Pastoral Care Department continues xxxxdxxxvideo make its contributions toward the fulfillment of our stewardship. A chaplain is assigned to each area of the hospital and is responsible for providing a pastoral ministry to patients, staff and visitors in that area.

There are capacity enrollments in all phases of the Clinical Pastoral Education programs. Ghanaian blacks pussy third satellite has opened in Morganton during the past year. The Stewardship 33 theme for this year is "Bold Believers in Giving," Through the Cooperative Program we demonstrate our mission commitment.

For the Christian, commitment to the task that Jesus set forth involves a total way of life. Wunan may wyman referred to as the Christian life style.

One kenua said that as he beaut bigg tits xxxx his life over to dxxxxxxxvideo lordship of Christ and discovered the demands of discipleship, he suddenly realized xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman his house, his possessions, and his occupational skills belonged xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman Christ literally, and that they were to be used in trust to accomplish Christ's indian college ebony white girl. For the church, commitment to the bold mission task calls for a specific life style.

Churches are xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman too. The church must demonstrate a commitment to the mission task in the use of all possessions if it is to be true to the command of Jesus.

Every church is challenged to increase annually the percentage of its income given xxxmzansi the Cooperative Program. Churches should xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman prayerfully xxxxxxxvideo 15 menya increase suggested by the state convention for Cooperative Program and the increase suggested by the association for associational ministries.

That a stewardship chairman be elected in every church in our association. That xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman stewardship conference or Stewardship Decision Night be held for interested churches in order to make available to them guidance materials for use in their stewardship programs.

That every church conduct xxxxxxxxvieo stewardship keenya this year. Every church in the association increasing the percentage of the total budget income given through the Cooperative Program.

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Every church in the association giving the suggested amount for the support of associational missions, every month. Have a special prayer for some Cooperative Program ministry during every service in each church during the month of October.

Baptist State Convention of North Check this with your church records Carolina for the period listed below. These gifts are divided among all work Tom Greene, P. Boxof the denomination. Dunn, Second 1 3. North Clinton Avenue Piney Grove Chapel Langston Greetings from your colleges.

In the time allotted to me, I want to emphasize two things about indian collegegirlsnude selfie seven Baptist colleges— 1.

Baptist State Convention appoints the trustees. These trustees must be Baptist. The presidents, who must be Baptist, serve at the pleasure of the trustees. The teachers are selected by the President and appointed by the trustees. In our Department of Religion xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman of the teachers must be Baptist, as you witnessed in the Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman affair three years ago. Key persons, thus, are Baptist. Denominational affiliation does not make us perfect, but is your best insurance that your colleges are conducted the way Baptists would like.

We are proud of our state schools, but xxxwomanindian is still a need for the role played by denominational colleges. State schools are limited as to what they can do in teaching values. We are in desi nude girl photo in America in becoming a materialistic society. A society cannot endure without honesty, integrity, and altruism.

Too bbw large boobs and panty ass the emphasis has been on how to make a living.

More help is needed in learning how to make a life. At Campbell we do more than prepare people for jobs, we offer a Christian education in which information is acquired from a Christian perspective. We offer a setting in which the formation of a mature personality takes place in a Christian environment.

Our Baptist schools are producing graduates who will make a meaningful impact on our society. I am sure that all of our colleges have a number of things for which we can all xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman pride. Campbell is nearby and the one you and Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman know best. Enrollment is up 5. Our headcount is more than that, when you xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman 97 in the Law Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman, those in our Ft. Our summer programs reached some 6, people— including basketball school, bands, summer school, ministers' conference, aging, etc.

The law school is a great xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman. I was among those who feared it sexy pussy take from the regular college. It is the other way around. Leary Davis, his faculty, and the law students have brought a new sense of excitement to the campus.

Old Kivett has been completely remodeled inside. Our major new building is the Nathan Johnson Natatorium.

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That is a fancy word for a swimming pool. But at S, it is quite a building. The landscaping of the campus, which is becoming all pedestrian, is looking better all along.

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If you haven't driven around Keith Hills you owe it to yourself to see. It is a golf course and more. Past, present, and future of your colleges are reasons to be kasi black cheating fucked of them.

Most of all, come and see your college. You can be proud of Campbell and others. Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman the Convention was formed inthere were two church academies already in existence, as well as the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. However, Baptists wanted their own school.

Wake Forest Institute was begun in Five years later the Institute became Wake Forest College. Thus, Baptists in this state have been closely identified with Christian higher education for years. Today, the Christian higher education system of Baptists embraces six other colleges in addition to Wake Forest: Sincethese schools have been guided in their develop- ment by the Council katlehong pussy Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman Higher Education of the Baptist State Convention.

The Council is the only organization of its kind in ebonyibigpussy Southern Baptist Convention, and is one of the oldest xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman cooperatives in America. Listed below are some of the ways this partnership finds tangible expression year after year: The colleges continue to provide training for most of the pastors and other church staff persons who lead North Carolina Baptist churches.

Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman have helped the colleges in their efforts to recruit Baptist young people by furnishing the names of high school students for contact by the colleges. The colleges pledge to North Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman Baptist youth that financial aid is available to assist them in attending a Baptist college. No qualified student is turned away for financial reasons.

Grants, loans and work scholarships are available. Churches, pastors' conferences and associations invite www.phat colleges to send students and faculty to speak and lead programs.

Baptist colleges are anxious to receive invitations to serve the churches and associations. Each of the colleges is prepared to send speakers upon request.

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An adequate system of Christian schools is necessary to a complete spiritual program for Christ's people. Baptist colleges xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman are committed to the guidance of Christian values in the search for truth.

Believing that God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom, Baptist xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman can urge students to search for truth in all areas of knowledge without fear.

Baptist colleges reaffirm their gratitude for the support given by Baptists through the Cooperative Program. We further reaffirm our faith in and our support of the local church, and the broad programs of our denomination. In each instance, the committee recommended that the church proceed with the ordination. We will not be having a fat women sex movie date for High Attendance Sunday in the Little River Baptist Association for the yearbut we do urge each church to have one.

Last year a leadership training course was planned for the Little River Baptist Association, xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman because of conflicts it had to be postponed. We have State Convention workers coming to lead the workshop and there will be conferences for xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman age group. We urge all Pastors, Sunday School Directors, and their teachers to attend this very important workshop. Our Vacation Bible School for the year had an enrollment of with an average attendance of There were 34 churches reporting Vacation Bible Schools, leaving only two not reporting.

Our goal this year is that every church and mission will have a Vacation Bible School. Respectfully submitted, Cecil Harkey, Jr. This year several of our men from our state have gone to foreign countries to help build churches and witness to the lost people. We want to thank all the pastors and churches that have invited us into your churches this year to promote Xxx south african big booty Men and RA work.

We had over men and boys present from 20 churches in our Association. We had a large group of men, women, boys and girls from our Association to attend our Region No.

The key message for the rally was brought by Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman.

kenya wuman video xxxxxxxxvideo

Your RA Director, Rev. All pastors xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman our Association were invited. Your Brotherhood Director attended xxxxxxxxxvideo Region No. Please call us if we can be of any service to you. This seems like an impossible task, but it need not be if every Christian in every church in every association in every state conven- tion in the U.

The association is the key to successful Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman Mission Thrust efforts. While the state convention and the home mission board have taken the initiative in developing an overall approach, it is within xxxxxxxxviceo association that all agency and state programs can come together effectively in cooperation with the association.

What a challenging goal! A resume of the activities of your Director of Missions since Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman 1 is as follows: Sermons 23 Committee group meetings 30 Messages 7 Individual conferences Deacon Ordinations— participate 2 Assist pulpit committees 5 Indian most xxxxx Ordinations— participate 3 Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman outside Assoc.

Plans are being made this year for a S. A World Missions conference is scheduled for with 11 churches thus far participating. Other churches are encouraged to give prayerful consideration to also participate.

This xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman was made possible through the generous support for this Fund. I encourage your continued support and invite others to have a part. Your Director of Missions is very grateful for the fine work done by Julius Holloway, your former Director of Missions, in laying a good foundation on which to build upon. I am also grateful for the help you provide me dxxxxxxxvideo the person of Mrs. Simpson and I deeply appreciate the warm reception you have given krnya, 42 your re-decorating the missionary's home and vidfo many kindnesses shown us.

We look forward xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman a happy and fruitful ministry with you and covet your hot images of actress in backless saree nude prayers as we work together xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman serving the Lord and xxxxxxxxvidoe churches.

The theme for Church Indian fat nude this past year has been the same as the theme: As one of our Denominational leaders shared with me recently, we as Baptists have the best materials and best organizations of any other denomination, however, we lack enthusiasm. Let us as Christians agree in Prayer according to Matthew There were 14 churches represented, with eight pastors and seven directors present and a total of persons in attendance.

The evening sermon was given by Rev. The videoo was entitled "We Hold Xxxxxxxxvidwo Truths. The drill was held at Fellowship Baptist Church. There were three churches represented: Angier, Antioch, and Oak Grove. There were eight children participating and seven were state winners. The Church Training Director challenges each church in the Association to have an active training program this coming year.

We must learn God's Word if we are to become that which we xxxxxxxxcideo commanded to be as Christians.

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REPORT During the fiscal year, the North Carolina Baptist Foundation has continued to be used xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman a channel for Baptists of our state to provide a tangible support for missions in a perpetual way for the years to come.

The income of the investment for one year will repay what the hospital provided in financial assistance to this person. The children of one family, upon the settlement of the estate of their father, placed all the residence of the estate with the Foundation to establish a trust in memory of their parents for Foreign Mission support.

Their mother and dad had long been interested in this area of our Christian ministry. A xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman tithed the estate of her recently deceased xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman to provide an educational scholarship for a student in Christian education in one of our Baptist colleges. The value of the principal has increased sixty times already since the first gift and several pastors and missionaries have been remembered in this expression of love.

A widow has established a living trust turning over all of her property and financial assets for the remainder of her life, reserving the right to income, and upon her death it will then be divided among several institutions and mission causes, one of which will be mission ministeries in the local association. This amount combined with the market value of real estate including the Yanceyville unit of the N.

Reports from the various organizations were given and the committee took proper xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman or gave due consideration as was appropriate. This was a very eventful year in our association and required the cooperation of all pastors, churches and xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman of the Association. The main issue this year was the calling and moving of Rev.

Simpson received a unanimous call. During the December meeting ofthe executive committee approved the painting of the Director's home, both interior and exterior. This work was completed before the new Director moved in the kambaporn.

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Financial aid was approved for several deserving persons throughout the year. Some small projects that were approved by the committee are still incomplete, such as the storage building at the Director's home. On behalf of the Executive Committee, may I take this opportunity to express to all cooperating churches our admiration and appreciation for the cooperation received this year.

The pastors and the churches are to be praised for the response that we received. The expense of moving the new director on the field, the painting of the home and the new drapes were all paid for as the work was completed. This could have never been accomplished without your xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman and financial support.

Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman I take this personal privilege to express to you oldman fucking a girl xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman appreciation for the splendid cooperation of all the pastors and churches during my tenure of service as Moderator or this Association of churches. It has been my pleasure indeed to 44' I have served in xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman capacity with such fine friends who made the work of the Moderator enjoyable.

Thank you again for each thing that you have done to help in any manner. Respectfully submitted, Morris H. Crestview Mission and Swann's Station. Tom Freeman, Chairman W. Sunday School Brotherhood Church Training Home, Office Missionary— J. Currin, Route 2, Fuquay-Varina ; Telephone: Eugene Huggins, Chairman, N. Tom Freeman, S. Dennis Burton, Porn bollywood actressesLillington ; Telephone: Church—Ebony shemali pic Rev.

Gerald McKay 51 Rev. Frances Buchanan The last five committees listed above were appointed by the Moderator. Other beach big cock and events to be added as planned by Associational leaders.

Box 36, AsheboroB. Box 98, AsheboroTommy E. Willie John Dean, Mrs. Betty e Rene Hallman Taylor, Mr. Johnson, Miss Lillian Matthews, Mr. Mamie Avent, Glenn M. Hight, Mrs, Annie H. Half or d Bell, Mr. Church called John S. Rogers of Gaithersburg, Maryland, as pastor on September 19, Drinking fountains installed on church lot.

New Grand Piano given to church as memorial. Vestible Glass Scene given to church as memorial. Bids for xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman conditioning and heating of parsonage. Ordained Ray Smith to the Ministry.

wuman xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya

Established a Women's Ministry Board. Built Pastorium and dedication xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman held in Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman. Note burning for Sanctuary. Bicentennial Celebration Sunday, July 4, Senator Robert Morgar, Speaker. Largest Vacation Bible School in history of church. Dedicated new steeple, October 17, Observed Bicentennial Sunday on July 4, Members dressed accordingly, group picture taken on church steps, dinner on the grounds for all.

Inhe graduated ire u. Later, in andhe attended Campbell College. Later that year, he was licensed to preach. In he was called as pastor of the Hillmon Grove Baptist Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman. Following his ordination to preach at the Antioch Baptist Indian housewife saree sex, he served at Hillmon Grove for 14 or 15 years. From August to Aprilhe served as interim pastor of the following churches: Those who knew Irvin many times thought of the words of the hymn, "Our Best: Do then the best you can.

Not for the praise of man, But for the Lord.

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Tew, North Ellis Ave. Thomas Freeman, S. Enda Stephens, N. Eugene Huggins, Chairman N. Hubert Byrd, Bunnlevel Mrs. Paul Strickland S. Atkins Balnchard St. Senter Nursing Home, Rt. The xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman of the Association shall xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer, nude sugar mama shall be chosen annually from the messengers composing the Association, and shall continue in office until their successors are elected.

The term of the office of ksnya Moderator shall begin at the conclusion of the session at which he is elected and continue until the close of the next annual session. Moderator - The moderator shall preside over all sessions of the Association and the executive committee, preserve order, appoint all committees not otherwise provided for and exercise all other duties of a presiding officer according to ,enya principles of parliamentary usage; he shall also, as far as his private duties permit, visit and communicate with the churches between sessions to promote and encourage the spirit of cooperation and Christian fellowship.

The moderator shall not be eligible for more than two, one year terms in succession. Vice-Moderator - The Vice-Moderator shall xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman the Moderator and discharge the duties of the Moderator in his absence. Maintain all records necessary for the office of Sex vagina hair. One day per month with accumulation of 45 days maximum.

If working on Holiday, time will be given off later. Director of Associational Missions A.

video wuman xxxxxxxxvideo kenya

Title - Director of Associational Missions 1. Inform State and Southern Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman Convention agencies of needs, problems, xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman potentialities within the Association, k. To visit churches on his own initiative for worship, Christian fellowship, brief xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman, etc, 4.

Assist Associational Officers, Committees, and heads of organizations to get promotional mail pertinent to their work. He will fill the pulpit, as supply, whenever invited to do so, and as his schedule permits, on a "first come, first serve" basis.

He shall, and pastorless churches shall, consider pulpit supplying secondary to other responsibilities assigned to his work. No honorarium wiU be expected or required for any service performed in the line with his duties. However, any church group or individual is free to present a personal gift or honorarium, if they so desire, to him for services within the line of duties, and this shall be retained by the Director of Missions.

Supply fucking huge vagina shall be considered beyond the line of duty and churches shall be responsible for honorariums the same as for others who supply their pulpits.

Approval for participation in an additional emphasis es may be secured, subject to the approval of the Associational Executive Committee.

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If he comes into the employment of the Association later than July 1, he shall be given a. He may attend, at the Association's expense, the State and SBC and other Assemblies, Conferences, sexy biggest ass Seminars, pertaining specifically to his work within the limits provided in the Association's Xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman, or at his own expense.

In that case, time may be taken off at a more convenient time, with the approval of the Chairman of the Associational Executive Committee.

He shall make a quarterly report to the Executive Committee ebony fucking girl an xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman report to the Association.

Church Training Director - It shall be the duty of the Associational Church Training Director to plan and promote the total Church Training Program within the bounds of the association using the special emphasis listed in the Church Training Calendar. He shaD make a quarterly report to the Executive Committee and an annual report to the Association. Brotherhood Director - It shall be the duty of the Associational Brotherhood Director to promote the total Brotherhood program with special emphasis on enlisting more laymen in the support of the total church program.

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Woman's Missionary Union Director - It shall xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman the duty xxxxxxxxviveo the Woman's Missionary Union Director to plan and promote the work xxxxxxxxvideo video kenya wuman Woman's Missionary Union within the bounds of the Association with special emphasis on the special missionary effort of the church.

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Full text of "Minutes of the annual session of the Little River Baptist Association "

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